HMDQs…or my tile contractor

Ahhh….the joys of buying a foreclosed home and dealing with contractors. Who knew the tile guy could turn into such a high maintenance drama queen??  My plumber & electrician–bless their hard working show up to work souls–can’t finish their jobs cause the HMDQ took over a 2+ car garage and most of the empty home (all he had to tile was the 3 bedrooms). I am trying to not go apeshit, but really…just get the job finished that you told me would be done last Thursday so we all can move on.  Argh! On the plus side the tree removers started…I never thought I would find a chainsaw, truck & chains so exciting.  Progress is happening. The hard part is going to be approaching my new neighbor who don’t seem to care about their yard that I will be removing any trees hanging onto my property.

Did we all survive the greatest single person reminder of the year?? I didn’t jump off the end of the pier so it was a success in my book. I love my guy friends…they sent me some texts during the day & made me laugh. Shout out to the good guys still out there!!  You give me hope 🙂  And I got some great discount chocolate on Sunday.


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