Guys and the random left field text

So what is with guys & the random haven’t heard from you here’s a text??  Really…you just thought of me now after how many days or weeks or MONTHS that you just suddenly wanted to know how I am??  Call it what it is….you’re looking for some booty & want to know if it’s available.  Let’s just be honest…we are all adults or so one would think!

I was the lucky recipient of TWO texts like that this weekend.  One from a guy named Troy (FYI all names will be modified not to protect the stupid but so we can poke fun should anybody I know in real life ever find my blog). Troy has been around for several months as a friend, I think (thought?) he was a decent guy & I would have liked more of a relationship with him.  The new year rolls around & things started (I thought) moving forward for us. Yay right?  But when I casually asked where this was going…he pulls the “well I have kids” card. No shit Sherlock, I wondered who those little people were all these months (yes I have met & hung out with the 2 daughters)! I even said to Troy if all this is IS just friends hooking up just say it. Then I got “well whatever I do has to be for the best of the girls cause it’s not just me”. Again no kidding??  I have to admit I got a little pissed at this point & my feelings hurt cause while I have been called many things in life, a poor or bad role model has never been one of them. Especially when compared to their delightful less than respectful egg incubator who is not winning any parenting awards may I add. So this weekend after almost 2 weeks of disappearing (not even a hey there on Valentine’s) I get the “hi hope the house is coming along & everything is good”.  Might I add we not only work together (not directly but same company) but are also Facebook friends (and I am a fairly active FB-er). So when Troy sends these random texts I find it rather entertaining cause 1-you know how I am & 2-if this is a booty text YOU FAIL. Are guys really that dumb or is it just Troy?

The other random text came from a guy I have listed in my phone as Douchebag (first name). I admit this threw me a little as I couldn’t recall him.  And apparently listing people as Douchebag ______ in my phone is fairly common I discovered also. I then remembered after searching this was a guy a co-worker had set me up with (so I couldn’t be totally rude to him) A YEAR AGO. We went to dinner once. He complained about what I ate (I ordered the same meal as him), asked if my hair was dyed (I have highlights), how I smelled (I did shower that night) & finally my favorite….my height like I can do anything about it. I am almost 5’11” so depending on what shoes I wear it can alter, but seriously?? Obviously I saw no future for us & after his running commentary figured he didn’t either.  Apparently I was wrong cause every once in awhile I get the random text from him.  WHY????  He asked what was new (code for have I met anybody). I said I moved. That’s not a total lie. I just didn’t mention it was only a few miles. 😉

And update on the home repair/moving front….it’s going well!!  Got quite a bit done this weekend. My tree remover guy is really getting into my “if it looks dead, ugly or high maintenance rip it out” instructions. Unfortunately for my neighbor man I may have inspired his wife cause now today I hear on the other side of the fence his chain saw firing up & trees moving in the jungle. Their backyard looks like Jurassic Park when the dinos are moving the bushes but you can’t see them!  You would then hear neighbor lady yell at him to keep going or what to hack down next when he would stop. I fear he is probably not very happy with me.


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