live well

Living well is the best revenge.

I don’t know who said or when, but IT IS SO TRUE!!

I recently ran into a mutual acquaintance from when I had dated what turned out to be a lying piece of shit douchebag last spring. He disappeared with another girl leaving me to wonder wtf after we had been together several months. I knew his life wasn’t all the roses he claimed when about 4 months after falling off Earth he suddenly found my number.  For about 6 weeks last fall every couple of days he’d pop up.  I wondered if he’d joined AA & was on the apology step? Obviously this girl had learned her lesson & wasn’t about to go backwards so he finally gave up. But what little I did learn from his texts & calls was amazingly delightful…everything I could have ever hoped to happen did. God is good!! And seeing this mutual (turns out to be his now former) friend last week filled in the gaps with even better news. He got himself fired, moved away, lost

 his friends, financial issues…TOTAL AMAZEBALLS. I really enjoyed just sitting back & listening. 🙂

So folks there is no need to waste time seeking revenge….live your life the best  you can & people will get what they deserve. And if you are really lucky you get to watch! I look at my life since last summer…yes it was rough to start cause nobody likes being dumped but things are so much better than if I would have remained with this POS DB.


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