the joys of home owning

Ahhh….things were so progressing nicely on the home. The HMDQ tile guy finished (it looks quite so good I give him props for that!) so my electrician was able to return to finish his part. My POD was delivered AND unloaded last weekend! I was so happy to watch that monthly payment pull away. The plumber came for what has turned into a PITA project. Is it bad when you keep apologizing to your contractors? I know on one hand it’s their job & they ARE getting paid (quite a bit more than the rough estimates we thought it would be), but really why must little things turn into big things??? Yes, I know foreclosures are a crapshoot.  Yes, I recognized there had been work done without permits (have I yet mentioned I work in the Building field so my poor co-workers have been subjected to assisting with “our” home project as well?). But to actually start ripping into what everybody thought was maybe a 1/2 day project & a week later?  Argh….

I will say that my tree remover guy is awesome!!  I am seriously in   ❤   ❤   ❤   with chain saws, trucks & grinders. BEST things I have ever met! About 75% of my yard has been taken away or cut down or ground out…but the home had been vacant 2-3 years so it was quite a mess. My landscaping mentality of “when in doubt rip it out” is also catching on with my neighbor…I notice the Jurassic Park jungle next door now has some sunlight coming thru! Today is the day though we start cutting the trees shared on the property line. Now I am not being a complete asshat…I spoke with them a week ago about my plans & what is being trimmed. I even offered to split costs if they want to take any trees completely down (I will add these are not good healthy trees, but sickly gross old stuff) & they’ve had time to ponder. Fingers crossed they don’t shoot my tree guy (he is going to check one last time before starting this afternoon).

And now the bad house news of the week…I need a new roof.  😦  I had hoped for a couple of years, but since it failed the inspection for insurance this week I have no choice. The quotes are starting to roll in & I am hoping for the best.

Enjoy the weekend folks. And RIP Leonard Nimoy…you have brought me many smiles when watching Big Bang.


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