online dating never fails….

….to entertain!

I have kept with online dating despite the lack of success for several reasons. How does one meet people nowadays? I don’t care to hang at bars to meet a barfly, most of my friends are coupled up & perhaps who knows…it just might happen?! I think my profile is pretty on target of who I am & what I am looking for. My pictures are all recent & appropriate…no naked bathroom selfies or my hoo-ha exposed. Not interested in playing games & DEFINITELY not looking for an email buddy.

So what gives??? Why all the sleazy douchebags contacting me? One guy in his profile said he pays college girls to escort him & then he writes me wondering why I wasn’t just beyond thrilled to meet his old ass & go on trips with him or be impressed by his home in a gated community (let’s be honest…all assisted care facilities are fenced in!)? Ummm….because it’s not what I am looking for perv! Another just told me to f—- myself because I won’t drive 75 miles to randomly meet him & I must only want a toothless redneck. I responded how charming he was & wished him good luck.

Let me also add…the guys who are the biggest dicks are the most unrealistic. They aren’t Ken dolls, they aren’t rich, they sure don’t have it all going on….but they want the girl with EVERYTHING. I think they confuse online dating with online shopping & think they can order up a girl like it’s the <fill in your online shopping site> & hit the check out button. Perhaps my criteria is too low…be single, have a job, like to laugh/have fun, wants a relationship…so I’m not filtering out the crazy?

Chime in here…keep hoping it might happen online? Any ideas where else to try meeting sane single fun grown ups?


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