let’s see what happens

In online dating world that is the phrase of death I have learned.

It starts so promising every time…somebody with a profile that sounds appealing, a few emails back & forth without him acting like a douchebag, a suggestion to meet up for drinks or equally casual and then 2 things occur. 1–boy wonder disappears cause he wasn’t real (hello Catfish!) OR 2–“what’s your schedule, yeah this weekend, oh let’s see what happens”. Then NOTHING happens. About 2 weeks later an email “hey we never got together” (no shit Sherlock you never followed up) only to have the same thing happen again. Except I have gotten smarter…2 strikes & you’re blocked. Don’t waste my time.

Is it wrong of me to expect somebody to make plans? I have seen the movie & read the book “He’s Just Not That Into You” and some of it stuck with me. If a guy WANTS to see me, he WILL make it happen. By that I mean actually make plans, set up a date, etc… None of this let’s see what way the wind blows me that day crap. Am I right? Perhaps it is the great Sunshine State that encourages this la de dah attitude towards making plans or committing to do anything? Yes I do live on an island, but I use clocks…island time while cute to say or do when on vacation is extremely frustrating to live around full time. Maybe the Windy City in me just can’t slow down yet?

So here I am on another Friday night after a “let’s see what happens” email from a guy earlier this week. He will get one more shot before the block…but in the mean time I’m going out. Yes Virginia, it turns out there ARE people down here who DO makes plans in advance!


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