rejoice…the home is looking good!

My recent foray into home ownership is amazingly going well this week!! Now I know I just jinxed myself, but I have to take a moment to enjoy it.

The pool…you couldn’t see in the water & there were fish living in it…has turned out AMMMAAAAAZZZINGGG!!! So it had been ignored for 2-3 years, but was holding water so I had hope. Can you believe all it needed was a draining, power acid washing & new equipment?? Seriously for $2250 I have a working pool! There were even cute “under the sea” themed ceramic tiles scattered around the floor and steps. Here I had just hoped there wasn’t a dead animal (or worse!) in that green sludge. And the best part…my pool boy starts this week. I hope he’s decent eye candy….hey a girl can dream right?

I am even getting excited about the new roof that is happening this Tuesday. Now this was NOT a happy surprise. I had hoped for 2-3 years on the current roof but no dice. Happy St Patty’s gift to myself I suppose. I picture many days to come sitting in my yard gazing at my new roof. For $10K I want to enjoy seeing it for more than the 30 seconds pulling in & out of my driveway.

Today I am off to pick up a bed for my guest room. I have awesome friends who are the hunt for me since my budget is getting depleted at a rapid rate. I got a 10pm text “I found a bed, no sex, like new, you want?”. At first I’m thinking WTF but then hey why not? You can’t turn a free gift horse down. Even better is I had another friend offer to help me haul this bed. HOO RAH!!

The final step for now appears to be finding a water system. I have well & septic, but have been told by many the water is yuck! Plus I have all new appliances so I don’t want to run yuck water thru them either. The next few days are going to be an education in ariators, iron ionizes, reverse osmosis & I don’t know what else.


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