there is hope!!!

If you read my past entry, I got a free bed last weekend from a friend. Except it wasn’t really her bed. It was her neighbor’s. Who was pretty cute & apparently single cause he asked me out. A free bed + a date…who’s life is this I am living??? Well I just got home from a pretty enjoyable evening! We laughed & talked, he let me drive his car (a sweet Mercedes with a V8…arr power)…and holy balls he even paid for dinner (a nice dinner may I add). Not in that douche now you have to sleep with me or what can I get from this way. He then followed up with some cute text after he dropped me off. I don’t know what future Serta (yes that can be his name) holds, but at least he’s an excellent reminder there ARE good guys out there!  🙂

So the “let’s see what happens” guy from last week. Yup, he sent an email Sunday night after never following up with plans to meet over the weekend. I wish they could at least try to not be so predictable.

And Troy…he’s still hanging in there with his random texts. Of course one came tonight while I was out with Serta. Haven’t decided yet if I am going to respond. I’m tired of being the one he texts when he has the kids or is bored at work & wants adult conversation. Even friendship is a 2 way street & this became a 1 way road awhile ago.

The house is coming along this week. The reroof shall be complete tomorrow. Of course they had to lay practically all new plywood cause it was a rotted mess under the old shingles, but what can you do? My philosophy all along has been “do what you need to do”. I am not going to half ass a job now only to need to re-do it in a few years when it breaks or the quick fix fails. After meeting several water companies all with different ideas of course of what to do that range from $2000-4000 & multiple water testings, I am going with the guy who said my current water softener will work if we get it running right & a new pressure tank. Bill should be under $500 & he’ll show me how to maintain it all myself. DEAL!


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