the house guests lived!

Still am not living in my “new” to me home, but my friends did last week. They are from up North & needed a break from the winter blahs. I said the house isn’t all cute fixed up yet BUT everything works, the pool is running & it’s free to stay so welcome. I am happy to say not only did they LOVE the house but everything worked…thank you to my fabulous contractors!!! They are already planning return visits. It feels so good to not only see dear friends from back home, but to give to them as they have given to me.

Speaking of feeling good…Serta (who I shall rename Harvard) is turning out to be a pretty decent guy. Granted it’s only been a few weeks so I don’t want to wear the rose colored glasses like some fool but it’s going well. A few friends have met him & no crazy red flags have been spotted yet. I am treading cautiously but with hope.


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