Updates updates updates!!!

It is official…I moved in to the house last weekend! PARTY!! 🙂

It’s going well. Things appear to be working for the most part. I found water outside by the water pump after work…turns out the gauge was leaking & a call to my water guy fixed that. Had my first pool casualty…found a frog floating (I didn’t kiss him). Let the pool man handle that & I need a new pool filter also.

Lesson 1 of homeownership – program all your contractors into your cell phone.

Lesson 2 of homeownership – have credit card handy. In fact just memorize the card info would be easiest.

Of course getting cable & internet hooked up has been a total nightmare. You would think I moved to middle of nowhere instead of an established subdivision of 1000s of homes? Seriously it shouldn’t be this hard. 2 hours on the phone regarding the internet Friday night resulted in a visit Saturday & 6.5 hours involved which still didn’t leave me with working internet! They have actually DOWNGRADED my speed to maintain the connection & have me flagged to keep testing/working on it. Today I just rec’d a call to reboot the modem & amazingly it’s working. Still going to monitor for a few days, but it’s working!!!! Now the really awesome news would be if they also lower the price of my service since I dropped to a lower package…stay tuned for that.

Cable…it’s been a week & the 1 tv isn’t working. At least my bedroom tv & DVR is so I can live with that. In 2 weeks I have an appt for another tech to come out (yes that is my choice to wait cause I refuse to miss work for this nonsense). Let’s hope that resolves the TV issue.

On the dating front…I reopened my online profile so there should be plenty of fodder to report back. I already am starting to wonder if any decent men do exist in my neck of the beach? Never heard again from Harvard aka Liar Liar so either he realized I figured his BS out or he heard me when I said lose my number. Went out for a drink with a new online match…pretty much a waste 2 seconds after I walk in I realized. When I found him in the back corner of the bar, he admitted to “hiding & seeing what I would do”. Really douchebag? I should have walked out, but damn me for being too polite. Instead I stayed an hour & then had to burn all my clothes cause it was a such a smokey disgusting hole in the wall joint. I have nothing against small local places but it really was an awful hole for a 1st meeting & he just wanted to people watch he said so that’s why he picked it. Again, nice job douchebag.

Hopefully fingers crossed this internet continues working & I can report back more!


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