I’m back…from outer space

Oh where has time gone?? I have been MIA & I apologize, but life has been good. Amazing I know.

I have been living in the house since May. After I moved in I was really over the whole house project thing & took most of the summer off from dealing with it. I had a kid who mowed the yard as needed & a pool guy, but the rest of it coasted. I didn’t even feel like decorating. Around mid-August I started getting the bug again & wanting to be Susie Homemaker. I hired a real weekly lawn service after the kid failed to show up for over 3 weeks & my yard resembled some wild hay field. Now in the winter 3 weeks without mowing isn’t a issue, but during a rainy summer? Yeah I was THAT house on the street! Also fired & hired a new pool guy. Don’t want to do the work you claim I am paying you for…next. So that right there got the house looking back on track at least!

Dating wise…I have been seeing a guy since the end of May (also why the lack of posts I am sure). It’s going really well. I won’t lie…I kept waiting the 1st 8 weeks for the lying douchebag side to show up after my previous dating experiences. I finally listened to friends when they said to stop trying to find it. So we had a really busy fun summer! The only thing that creates an issue here are his 2 adult children who are 21 & 18. Things started out ok with both girls (oh yes so lucky its girls) but after a few weeks when they realized I wasn’t going anywhere things changed. And the things they come up with…let’s just say the blog will be interesting!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas if I’m not back before!


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