Leaving the nest…fly little bird fly

When does one leave the nest? The cushy home your parent(s) have created for you where you can (pretend) to be king/queen of the castle with no responisibility & your needs are magically taken care of? I think the sterotype I grew up with was after high school going away to college & after graduation continuing upon the path of life with your own housing. The option I took was attending a local college & after getting a 2 year degree then moving out. My parent’s didn’t make or push me, but I was approaching 21 & had been fairly independent during my college days (I house/pet sat tons & wasn’t really home much anyways) so living with the parentals didn’t seem super appealing. Found a roommate & moved to an apartment.

The reason I bring this up is the boyfriend (we’ll call him Prince Charming or PC 😉 ) spoke with his oldest (21) about moving out this past weekend. Let me tell you the amount of drama that has rained down since. I am amazed by the truly awful things she has also said to PC even though the egg donor is who ran off in the divorce & had a very strained relationship with her girls ever since so he raised them. The funny thing is yes she was crying (nothing new…she cried for 6 weeks about a boy she barely knew this summer) but said she knew it was coming. She is also not homeless…the egg donor has a room for her & she stays there often anyways. In fact she was who opened the door to this conversation by stating she was going to stay at mother’s “for awhile”. Apparently the latest story is PC has kicked her out, the egg donor is texting what a terrible father PC is & his friends are contacting him cause kid #1 has gone running to them crying she is homeless. Draaaammmaaaa.

I don’t recall moving out ever being this dramatic…with ANY of my friends. And we all left our nests at various points between 18-20 somethings under different circumstances. The sad part I pointed out to PC is he is actually parenting rather than being the kids BFF which they sadly can’t even recognize cause their mother is so focused on just being a bestie.

So what say you? Is leaving the nest REALLY this dramatic nowadays for offspring?


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