Happy 2016


For the 1st time since ohhhhh 2004 or 2005 I was dating somebody on NYE & didn’t have to be a 3rd wheel with my friends. So what did PC & I do??? We slept after work, got some Taco Bell at 9pm & stayed home. What is wrong with me?!?!? But it was perfect actually. The place we were going was estimating 30K people coming to celebrate & going out just lost it’s appeal. Having a low key night in & actually feeling rested for my long weekend feels pretty great! I hope however you chose to ring in the new year you had fun & enjoyed it.

The house is getting some work this week. Last Sunday funday we went to town trimming a palm tree. There were no snakes thank god in it!!! I’ve had a few “holy shit SNAKE” encounters & its nothing I will get used to. Shout out to my lawn guy also for hauling all the stuff away. I had it stacked & was making arrangements to the dump when he texted me he took it after mowing. Sweet! I am having the HVAC checked this week. It was a brand new when I got the house (the bank f’d up & put in a new one) so I want to be good & keep it maintained. Also having a gutter installed on the 1 side. Why would you gutter 3 sides of your home, but leave the side over your water equipment to get dripped on? Yeah FL is just weird sometimes.


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