Gutters here…take that ants!

So this week I had a gutter installed on the only side of my house that didn’t have one. I know…it makes no sense to me either! Unfortunately the un-guttered side is where all the water equipment is & of course perfectly lined up so the water runs right off the roof on to it. Which apparently the little ants don’t care for so they take up shelter in (of all places) the switch for the water pump. Several times I have been mod shower only to have the water cut off. WTF?!?! Sometimes it would come back after 10 minutes, sometimes not. After several calls to the water people and making them come out (in their defense they kept telling me it was ants & I sort of thought they were crazy) I came up with a new plan to defeat the little bastards. Get a gutter installed to help direct the water better & start poisoning the shit out of the area by the water pump. Either the ants will die or I will…so far I believe I am winning!!!!  🙂


Isn’t the new gutter & downspout (the center one) amazing? I asked Santa for this for Christmas & it worked! I know the rest of the area isn’t amazing looking yet but I have plans as the budget grows again.


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