Tornadoes 0, House 1

So we have had some CRAZY weather here the last couple days, but my house did great! Tons of water…won’t be needing to fill the pool for sure. Glad I had that gutter installed as it seems to be doing the job! Tornadoes came thru the area & some microbursts. Roofs ripped off & debris damage in the area, but again all good here. Yay!!

On the dating front things have been great with PC. We had fun last weekend at the house of the mouse! But I won’t lie…his 2 adult daughters don’t like me (no idea why) & I am disappointed this is how it is, but someday that may change. After a rough month PC is trying to establish relationships with them that doesn’t rely on him giving them cash or whatever they want in order for them to contact him. For his sake I am hopeful it happens, but I don’t think they have matured enough yet.

Who else is enjoying the day off? I’m trying to motivate myself but I must admit…doing nothing is nice!


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