so who else got dumped on Valentine’s Day??

Yes Valentine’s Day was a bit ago, but pardon me…it was a bit rough this year. The guy I had been seeing for almost 9 months waited for me to leave for work, packed up the items he kept at my house & when I got home that was my surprise to figure out. When I called him bewildered asking what was going on, he didn’t have much to say before (how convenient) his phone stopped dialing/rec’ing calls. The next morning I got a text that my stuff is sitting in a box outside his house. WTF

I was blind sided. I was left no explanation. I had to make calls to cancel a cruise. Refund airline miles. Change plans we had made. This was not how I had planned on spending my holiday weekend! I made an appointment with the therapist, I went to work, I kept functioning, but I’m a mess. I miss him, I don’t. I love him, I’m mad. I’m conflicted cause WHO was that person at the end?? Not somebody I had ever seen.

The bonus of all this (if there is to be one) is I lost almost 15 lbs & am back to my high school weight! Bring on that 20 year reunion now!


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