You know what’s missing??

“Your smile”

I am really starting to hate people saying that to me. I got dumped. My heart is broke. Life sucks right now. Do you really think I am going to be gleefully running around smiling?? My therapist said its good to write so that’s what I’m doing here. I know things WILL get better but for now its an up & down battle daily. I never did hear from him which is probably about the worst thing a person could ever do in my opinion. I feel like all I do is work and then sleep. I’m trying to stay busy with little things, but evenings are the worst.

So now is when my house decides to also be a PITA. The water again stops working, but now it appears to be a pipe came off the pump (not those asshat ants again). Wtf. Of course this is found after work so no water until the next day. Apparently something overheated and melted the pvc piping thus the pipe disconnecting. Luckily my pump was ok and I escaped with a minimal bill.

I have decided to look for a roommate. I had a few up north so it’s nothing new & truth be told I had always planned to find one. I have a feeling this may be an interesting search as I’m over crazy people and not settling.


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