They always come back

I had a friend tell me this last week. The 1 thing she has learned about men if nothing else is that they always come back. At first I dismissed it but I will be honest it’s something I have thought a little about. And why?? Because so far it’s been true! The guys I dated down here that peaced out (I’m noticing the trend believe me & will be talking to the therapist about it) HAVE come back after I thought more about it. They were guys that ranged anywhere from a few dates to a few months. But they all disappeared. Some I could have cared less and others I was hurt. My friend was right though…anywhere from 2-5 months later after hearing nothing I suddenly would get a random text or call. Some wanted to explain their actions (yeah too late), some wanted to date (ummm no), some I just plain didn’t understand why they contacted me.

So that got me curious. This latest disappearing guy…we dated for 9 months. I’m thinking based on previous experience and nothing scientific that IF he’s going to contact me it will be August.

So what say you? Has this been your experience? And why do they come back? Guilt? Loneliness? Enlighten me please 🙂


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