It happened

He texted me Friday night.

A little preface…we play in a recreational sports league on the same team. Last night was the first time due to work I was able to attend. I won’t lie…I had anxiety and stress over it during the week. I want to play. But I had no idea what he would be like. We were both polite. Played. Nothing more nothing less. I did have a good time with the team and it was fun. I went home afterwards & later got the text.

“It was good seeing you tonight.”

Since I am over texting (and the miscommunication it causes) I agreed it was & to call if he wanted to talk. Which he did. We chatted about just everyday topics & it was pretty nice. I said I missed him to which he said he missed me also. We agreed to do something on Sunday. To keep it light & fun we are taking a drive over to the House of the Mouse. We both love it there so hopefully it will be a good time.

I have no idea what to expect. My expectation level is a 0 cause I want to be realistic. But another part of me says he might be hopeful also cause this will be a whole day we’re spending together. And it’s not like it involves alcohol or getting some ass at the end of the night.

Another highlight this week is when I went to my ear dr…my ears have been plugged for a month…he gave me some drugs to help the morning nauseous & help me sleep. And I have to say its working! Being able to sleep a little  more & feeling “normal” in the mornings is so nice.

Enjoy your weekend folks!


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