We went to Epcot on Sunday. Its a 1.5 hour drive but the conversation stayed easy. Flower & Garden is going on so we did a few rides and enjoyed the flower displays.


We did hit a lull though as we had about 30 minutes before the next attraction so we sat on a bench outside Norway to wait. And that’s where it happened. I could feel my anxiety building from just not knowing what to expect from him contacting me or what it meant or what the day was going to be like so I asked. We started talking. I had a million questions yet I had none. We kept talking and hugging and talking and then he kissed me. It felt surreal yet it felt right. We spent a few more hours at Epcot talking and eating just enjoying the day. After the drive back I stayed at his house to watch TV & then we went to dinner. I didn’t spend the night as it had been a long roller coaster of emotions & I felt like I needed my home. But we were together from 7am til after 9:30pm without a hitch. It was kind of crazy how easy it felt?

We did discuss a few things. I stated I had been seeing a therapist but was going to find another & would he join me? I was pleasantly surprised when he said yes. We both agree it will help with our communication and issues. But the biggest issue obviously is his adult children (and they come each with plenty of their own baggage) & how to work with them. I stated that moving forward I wanted it different this time. I wanted weekly dinner at dad’s house for the 4 of us. I don’t care what we do but we all know it’s a set time for us to be together. He actually seemed very happy about that and stated he doesn’t really see his girls that much so it would be good. I also think the therapist will be helpful for us here to guide us on how to proceed with that. I have no idea what to do? Nobody I know had ever dated someone with adult children. He asked if we could take things slow. We agreed to not having to spend every day/night together. Having our free time to do our own thing. I said are we committed and he said no seeing anybody else. I said I also want to talk on the phone not texting cause that causes problems which he agreed.

I am cautiously optimistic. This is everything I had hoped for in a best case scenario. What’s almost scary is the things we “wanted” were pretty much the same. I really do believe in us and that we can make this work. As I told him in the grand scheme of the next 40 years this is merely a blip which if you talk to any couple (like both our parents who have been together longer than that) they have all had blips. We just have to work thru it. Now I just have to relax and let time do it’s thing. Which given my recent bouts with anxiety is harder but I’m learning to deal with it.

We have a date night tomorrow. He said he would come to my house for dinner so fingers crossed!


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