Baby steps

So he came over last night. We had dinner, watched a few Big Bangs & then went for a walk around the block. After that I brought up the attending therapy topic. He was still game so I told him I had spoken with my insurance and found a place from several recommendations. Having only attended a few therapy sessions myself & never with someone this is uncharted waters for me. We talked about some things we hope to get from therapy…our communication & some trust issues but mostly how we handle the adult kids. It makes me feel better in a way he is also unsure what to do cause I know not being a parent I feel a disadvantage at times. We want to get advice and guidance on how to make this “family” work.

He also told me when he hung out with his older daughter Tuesday he told her we were talking. Her reaction was “ok”. Which is pretty much what I’d expect. She’s a little easier going and a few years older than the other. He also mentioned to her about us doing a weekly dinner & she reacted positively to that. I will admit I was a bit surprised he told her about us, but I also take that as a good sign he really does want this to work out. Positive thoughts!  As for the younger daughter he wants to speak with her also, but we both know she will be the harder one (it could be even years cause she’s got her own issues to work on). Again therapy will help this hopefully.

I called the therapist office this morning and what originally was going to be a month away is now an appointment next Wednesday evening. I will let him know tomorrow night at our sports league game. I don’t think we need to talk about “serious” stuff again if we talk today. I’m trying to keep our conversations easy & not always serious you know? That becomes tedious and who wants to conversate when its all so hard core. It would turn me off I think.

Happy St Patty Day!!!



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