Moving forward

This has been an interesting week.

My dad & I had dinner Tuesday before he headed back home. He asked some more questions & we talked about things. I’m actually really glad my dad was here…I feel better having spoke with him & I know we’ll be ok. And he actually said he hopes it all works out when we said good bye.

My last just me therapy session was this week. It was nice to speak with her & talk about what’s been happening with the BF. Also what I have been feeling and how I’m doing. Which is better. Even before the BF came back around health wise I was getting back on track.

Wednesday was our 1st therapy session together. I admitted before it I was nervous & he was also. But it went well! It seemed to be a lot of getting the therapist up to speed on things and what has happened & what we are looking for. But she also asked some things that made us share…like what attracted us & what we like & how we feel. It felt good to hear him say he loves me. He tells me that a lot, but to say it in front of somebody else I know was him opening up. We both agreed we liked her & have 3 more weekly sessions scheduled.

Today marks 1 week since my mom & I have spoke. I did tell the BF about it cause he asked. It’s sort of weird not talking to my mom & there’s been a few times I wanted to text or call. But part of me feels like she needs to apologize for what she said (or more so how she said it) to me so I’m waiting for her to make the initial move. I know some of my friends are probably going to react the same as she did which I’m prepared for. They don’t need to understand or get my life, but I do ask that they respect it. If they can’t….then it says a lot about our friendship & I have no problem cleaning house.

Wishing all a very Hoppy Easter!!!


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