Making progress

Things have been going well!

My (unrelated) little sister came to visit over spring break for a few days. It was tons of fun but definitely reminded me I am not 20 anymore. Lol. I think it was also good for me to hang around her since the BFs kids are her age & gave me some insight.

I have been reading some books & articles on blended families. Some the therapist recommended and some I found. I definitely see some of the ways we (BF too) handled things wrong or could have done it differently. I have had several positive interactions with the 21 yo. I know it won’t always be kittens & rainbows, but as long as she is open and trying that’s all I can ask for (which I did thank her for being willing to try). I also think in the last few months she has matured some. The 18 yo is again having suicide thoughts and honestly has so many problems I’m not worried about a relationship with her. All I want is basic respect and politeness when she’s around which the BF is going to have to make happen (per the therapist). I am there to support him with her cause he even has a not stable relationship with her.

Our therapy session last week was cancelled so I’m looking forward to tomorrow. I feel there has been progress but I have a lot of questions which I hope she can address or help us work on. It’s also our date night after so I’m looking forward to dinner as well. Haha!

It’s been over 2 weeks since my mom & I spoke. Probably the longest we’ve ever gone without speaking! I do have a relationship with my dad & told him if it wasn’t awkward for him we’d keep talking which he said it wasn’t. I guess my feeling is she is the one who ended the conversation so when she feels like restarting it she can? I don’t know if she needs to calm down or process or what but I do know I can’t worry about living my life to please them.

I did post a pic of me & the BF at our sports game Friday. Sort of forgot it was April Fool’s so many people thought I was joking. What’s funny is my friends that live here and a few who have spoken to me from back home were supportive cause they know. The haters who haven’t spoke to me started crawling out. I feel there is going to be a cleaning house on FB which I’m fine with. If I’m happy be happy for me. I’m not asking you to live my life, just respect it. And really when you think of all the crazy shit I’ve seen some of them do over the years without blinking an eye they can shut it!

Happy Tuesday!



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