Write more…talk less

Let’s be honest. Girls talk more than boys (usually). The guys at work say that all the time. I have been working on being a better listener and less talking.

But I have freak out panic insecure moments! I feel it coming. I know it’s happening. I can’t stop it. And then it pours out my mouth unfiltered which is NOT what the BF needs to hear. So I need to write (blog) more! Sorry guys you may be getting some crazy rambling posts coming your way.

My support system has really changed the past months. First when the BF left in mid-February I lost a big one. Then a month later when we started trying to work things out it’s not the same as we had before obviously. But with the BF’s return to the picture….my mom has since exited. It’s been over a month since we spoke. I knew she was upset. I knew she wouldn’t be happy I went back to him. But honestly I didn’t think it would be this way. I sent a peace offering if you will last week. Nothing. I asked my dad if it came & he said “oh yeah she liked it”. I thought I’d at least get a text or email but maybe she’s just not ready yet?

Things I’m learning at therapy and trying to apply in real life. It’s not always a success or my first reaction (which I do apologize for), but I do catch myself to do it “different”.


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