Feeling the panic thoughts

So I waited until today after work to call the BF. Left a VM just saying hi what’s up how’s your week. Haven’t heard anything back.

Part of me that wants to be positive says he’s still on guy time with his friends that are staying with him.

The negative side says he doesn’t give 2 shits since he never contacted you this week & he’s going to end it.

Then I think guy’s don’t analyze this much. They are probably out drinking or hanging with other buddies before they leave town. Give him space & be cool.

But he was so weird last Sunday I just don’t know. One minute he says he feels controlled, gets scared & doesn’t know what he wants. A few hours later I’m being introduced as his girlfriend and holding hands.

I can’t keep up. The anxiety is kicking in. Time to stare at the tv, turn off the phone & try to stay positive so I can get some sleep.


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