Taking a breather

So he did send a text. Last night after 9:30 that the guys had just woke him up (part of me had wondered if he was just sleeping also) & they were going to a bar. I replied with “have fun!”. That’s low key non-controlling supportive right? Sometimes I don’t know what to say cause it could be taken wrong but I was afraid no response could look pissy which I wasn’t.

I suppose there are a few ways to look at that text. I figure it’s a good sign cause IF he really didn’t care or wanted to end things he would have just blown it off with no response. Right? And I’m not sure why he told me where or what he was doing, but I think it shows he’s not being shady. Not that I have ever thought him to be sneaking around hooking up or trying to get with other girls. We may have some problems, but faithfulness isn’t one of them. Even when we were apart for the month neither of us dated or hooked up with anybody else. I think that also may say something…he doesn’t want just flings or hook ups cause he could have already done that.

I know for some people that little text after not speaking all week may not be enough, but for me right now where we are it is. I mean maybe this is him testing me if I’m going to try to “control” his time with the guys? Hopefully he sees I am not trying to!

I am just sitting back processing all this. And then I write my thoughts here rather than spew unfiltered at him. I believe his friends are leaving this weekend so next week things might start to get “normal”. We still don’t go back to the therapist for almost 2 weeks so I am going to continue treading carefully. Keep working on my changes and giving him space to process.

On the kid homefront…I have made good progress with the older daughter. Last week she actually came up to me to start a conversation! We have texted a little even and can chat without him having to be there to facilitate the conversation. I am very pleased with all that!


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