And I say that with utmost sarcasm. I am about to unleash a rant since I can’t actually say any of this stuff out loud.

So I see the BF at our rec game tonight. Barely get any words from him. Really? Aren’t we dating cause everyone else standing there sure seems to think so. His daughter was more chatty with me…how’s that for a twist?!?

After the game before he leaves I ask him if I can stay at his house Monday night cause of another function I have (there will be drinking and late night). He actually has to I don’t know ponder it before saying oh yeah that would be ok. Well gee thanks!

I then casually ask when his friends are thinking of leaving since we had been talking about that. He says oh maybe Thursday. I am THINKING wow that is pretty fucking ballsy but what I SAY is oh cool so then maybe I’ll see them Monday. I mean these 2 guys have been here since Saturday the 9th and aren’t leaving until the 28th?? They are crashed on the living room couch and air mattress in a spare room. Every day is a party and its drink drink drink. And they were only staying for a week when they were coming down here! Who does that? Oh wait early 30 & his younger brother. Did I mention the BF is 48? Really dude. A little party is fine but almost 3 weeks of daily drinking and partying??

I think what I find frustrating is the BF & I were actually making progress moving forward before these inconsiderate asshats showed up. It seems to have all gone down hill since. I refuse to say anything though cause no way am I going to be blamed for being controlling or being a bitch. I thought we were really going to make it but now I am thinking not gonna happen. It saddens me cause I haven’t allowed myself to think like that, but I think it’s time to start preparing myself for that outcome.

I wonder if he’ll wait til therapy on May 4th to break up or if he’ll bail out & no show?


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