Doing my thing

So I spent the weekend doing my own thing. I worked at my side job both days which was a good filler (kills time + extra $$). Saturday I got home with the intention of doing chores, but I climbed in bed & zoned out with the DVR. I got 12 hours of sleep which was amazing. I actually woke up Sunday feeling refreshed! Sunday after work I ran errands & when I got home did some clean up on the palm trees. Ripping out branches & cleaning up was a little therapeutic. Again I tried to get plenty of sleep.

I haven’t heard from the BF. I sent him a text Sunday saying I hope he was getting to relax & enjoy the beautiful day. No response. Rude perhaps but I also didn’t expect an answer so it didn’t bother me. Sadly as much as I’d love this to work out I am being realistic that it’s most likely over. He just doesn’t like confrontation so perhaps he’s waiting for me to end it? The thing is I am not going to be the “bad” guy….he can finally be it!

I spoke with a friend this morning and I’m not going to stay at his house tonight. I think it’s in my best interest to avoid him & hopefully we can make it to our therapy appointment next week (5-4). He’s got so much bottled up I can just tell. But let him unload on the therapist. I will sit back & listen. I haven’t done anything to stress him out, be controlling or anything negative. I have left him alone! I mean last I knew he last weekend was introducing me as his girlfriend & holding hands & thanking me for a great weekend hugs & kisses. So when the therapist asks me how things have been I will say fine. It will be interesting what he has to say?


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