Some people can’t shut it

A coworker today decided she wanted to offer me advice on my relationship & what I should do. I think the ironic part is her own marriage is shambles so not sure where this is coming from. The entire time she’s like lecturing me almost all I could think was wow I am so glad I am working hard not to be like that anymore. I didn’t ask for her opinion. The last few months I have really worked hard on just being happy for my friends & supporting them if they’re not. I don’t have to live their life or understand it. Not to mention I have my own issues I am working thru whether the BF & I make it or not.

So who knows what’s happening with the BF? I don’t. I sent a text Monday night I was going home (to my home) but thanks & to have a good week. Next morning he sent an “ok”. What’s that mean? I don’t know. I mean is it something he didn’t totally blow off not acknowledge the text? I don’t know.

His friends last I heard are leaving tomorrow. Good…now he can have time to decompress. I wonder if he thinks when I asked about them leaving if it’s cause I wanted to make plans? Yeah hell no! I actually have some plans of my own for the next week. Not to be spiteful but because I’m working on having my own life. It’s amazing how many girls want to lecture me on what to do yet what I see them doing are things I’m trying to change. So either they are nuts or the therapist and books are?


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