Trying not to panic

Thanks to my coworker’s unsolicited advice yesterday I am having bouts of anxiety again. Why??? I know she is definitely not somebody to even listen to but hearing her say all the things I have already told myself doesn’t help. It’s like hello I know all that stuff is possible but maybe I’m trying to think positive.

I am grateful for this place to write my thoughts and let it all out. Even if you think I’m crazy, I appreciate you keeping it to yourself & letting me go. Sometimes you just have to do things your own way to cope even if it makes no sense to others watching.

Another stress has been my new car. I ordered it & was told 8 weeks. It’s now been 10 weeks & for over 2 weeks it’s been awaiting transport from Lansing, MI. Which must be the other side of the world. I have to keep extending my bank loan. I have to keep redoing my insurance quote. I just want things to go smoothly when it finally does get here! My car broker…who has been awesome…is equally as frustrated by the dealership & their overall cluelessness. She’s getting more info from a contract in another state. I am hoping next weekend it will be a done deal fingers crossed.

I am off to hang with friends for the night and say farewell. The season is ended and the renters/seasonals are returning back where they come from. I barely saw them this winter due to the BF & being busy. Another thing I am learning from therapy is I need to keep my life & friends even if there is a BF.


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