The magic moment happened


You know that moment when something “clicks”? I finally had it. I had to reach it on my own time & my own terms, but I did.

Friday at our rec sport game the BF could barely have a generic conversation with me beforehand & immediately split after. As I talked to a friend who’s been like a big brother, he made a comment about the BF “being mental” in regards to how’s he been acting the past few weeks. And CLICK it went in my head. It is him. It’s not me. I have tried. I have been open. I have attempted to change my life in positive ways. I am not doing anything wrong. This isn’t my fault!

Just like that I felt a whoosh go thru me. I am done. A little sad cause I spent over a year investing in a relationship that failed. Disappointed I have to start all over trying to meet somebody. I have learned a bit about myself. I will continue to work on some of the things I want to change (for me). I have a better idea of how I will handle future dating and relationships. Especially if there are kids involved.

I don’t think I’m quite ready for happily ever after right now, but I am headed in that direction!


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