Keeping it positive is hard

Trying to keep it positive but it’s hard. Been a long week. Work has even been trying. Why do my bosses have to be dorks this week? Just pile it on I keep saying.

Looked for housing in the new city today & having a hard time finding any. I would like to find a roommate situation in a house or condo, but that’s hard. I think the good ones go fast! Now if I was willing to be a FWB or provide my “company” I would have my pick of free housing. Amazing how many men advertise for that? What’s sad is if they get any takers.

Waiting for the rec sports game tonight where BF will be. I am going to start calling him POS so that everytime I type it I remind myself what a piece of shit he really is. I really just want to get my stuff back that was left at his house a month ago…you know when everything was ok. Before his head flipped on his heart. POS.

Looking forward to my 1st day off tomorrow in several weeks & going to the beach!!


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