People suck

Yup that pretty much sums it up.

My “friend” who made beach plans with me yesterday. Yeah she sucks. I think I’m tired of being an afterthought to her. I get to to go to the beach to listen to her whine how she doesn’t feel good & is tired (oh from going out the night before which I wasn’t invited to). Not to mention after a few hours when she was done & hungry…she’s out (sure I would have loved some food too). While at the beach with others talk of any plans for that night come up. Oh no too tired sick poor etc… But yet on Facebook there’s a pic this morning (along with the POS) they all went out. And did an activity we had talked about & planned on doing. Thanks a lot.

So note to self. No more listening to her whine about her friends and how they ditch or don’t treat her right. No kidding? They’re shitty people & you’re a shitty person too! No more listening to her bitch about financial or housing or work. I’ll be polite as we’ll still see each other, but seriously I’m over it.

And on that note the POS didn’t come to the game Friday night. I just want to get my stuff. Ready to put this shit behind me. Especially given the mood I’m in this morning.


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