Got my stuff

So I watch a lot of TV. But it’s times like this it comes in handy!

I decided to go straight from work to the POS’s house to get my stuff before seeing the potential room rental. I figured I’d have about 10 minutes safely even if anybody tipped him off I was there (a neighbor perhaps?). My game plan was to search for the hidden key I learned about a few weeks ago & let myself in. That was a immediate failure as I couldn’t locate the key despite some digging and searching. I then did a walk around to the back of the house & in the screen porch. Of course the slider was locked. I looked around a little & on a whim I tried the exterior door that goes to the master bathroom. Cha ching! That door we always kept locked so why it wasn’t IDK but God is good sometimes. In I went & set my alarm for 10 minutes. I grabbed all my stuff, a few things I had bought him (wouldn’t want him tormented with memories) & did a quick peek around.

The good part was I didn’t see any other girl’s stuff there. The sad part was it was exactly how I had left some of my things. Nothing really changed. I wonder how long it will take him to notice things missing? Will he say anything? I would think he’d notice first the blended family book that was on the night stand (my side) is gone (I paid for it & will need it for future dating I’m sure) OR the ball cap for my friend’s business (yeah I took things he got as gifts from my friends too). Who knows? I know he’ll never figure out how I got in. I really should of locked the door behind me.

Thank you holy spirit for being with me.


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