Finding housing

So yesterday after my mission get my stuff from POS’s house I went to see a room & meet the people. Loved the house/location, couple seems really nice, like their dog…I think this would be a very positive move for me. Of course they want it rented right away so I asked if I could at least meet my property manager today for my house & then call them. If we feel my house will rent quickly (and if priced right it should) then I am going for it! I can cover a month overlap since I’ve been working extra but I don’t want to get too deep in.

The only real downside to this house is it literally is just down the street from POS. I have been trying gauge how I truly feel about that. I wouldn’t see his house so nothing that weird but we may run into each other. Since going to his house yesterday I have this almost weird feeling sense understanding of how messed up his head really is. I really don’t think he knows what he wants even though his heart has told him. He’s scared whatever I don’t know. He is 48 yo so he’s not going to rake in the ladies unless he gets his shit figured out & he needs real help for that. If we are meant to be it will happen but I’m not going to wait around seeing if it does.

On another note I did find a 2nd potential room today which I called on just in case. Its a dog eat dog world & I am learning to cover my own ass down here. Plus it’s $300 a month cheaper & would put me a little further away from the POS. I’m waiting to hear back. I figure I can go look at it after my meeting so I can at least ease my mind, see what that roommate is like and then decide before I call the 1st house back. And just in case they already rented I have a back up. Gotta watch out for me which I hate being but sadly it’s how it works.


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