Panicking just a little

So last night I got confirmation from the room rental it’s all systems go! I’m stopping by Friday after work to pay rent & get a key. How crazy after YEARS of being a homeowner I get to just write a check & not worry about things?!?! I’m looking forward to that part.

Today I stayed home from work. I was told my house will need to be empty to rent so everything has to go. I got pictures of the big items and anything I could sell so I listed it on FB pages. Sold a few items already. Going to try for a garage sale Saturday morning. I was told to let people just walk thru the house & sell things that way. Fingers crossed things start selling. I have most of my clothes purged (3 more bags to Goodwill today). Need to go thru boxes I never even unpacked. Maybe those should go straight to Goodwill also?

The new car arrived yesterday but they are dinking my car broker around. This has become so annoying! She’s hoping to wrap it up tomorrow.

My parent’s are coming down tomorrow. I am grateful for any help they provide. It will be nice to have people here in my corner.


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