Oh so much has happened….

First of all last week I started getting rid of all items in my house since I could only take clothes. Seriously I purged 8 BIG garbage bags of clothes. Why was I holding all that?? I still will need to purge as I unpack but it’s much better now.

Friday I went to the new house to drop a rent check & get the key! Then I continued on to my rec sport (adult kickball!) where POS would be. I was a tad curious if he would say anything about the missing items from his house? Not a peep. After the game I actually approached him & we talked. I asked “why me?”. And because I do know him so well I was pretty right on. He’s scared and doesn’t know. He loves me & misses me but it freaks him out cause his ex burned him so badly. I nicely suggested he try a therapist to help him sort thru that or he’d end up a sad lonely life. I do believe we love each other but he has to get himself figured out.

Saturday started with my half ass attempt to last minute garage sale. I had been selling items as people contacted me. I really just wanted the big items to go so I wouldn’t have to deal with it. By 10am I was over the crazy looky people and made arrangements to rent a truck the next day. I then had to go to the bank for a closing on my car loan & onto the dealership! After another 2+ hours there I finally had my new car. Aaahhh!!!! But I had to bust out of there to get back to the house cause I had buyers for the big items coming.

Sunday started with me not sleeping and final packing my personal items before meeting my parents to get the box truck. Got my stuff loaded and stuff my parent’s wanted at the condo. Did the deliveries and returned the truck unharmed! Got the last of my items and headed for my new house. I unpacked some basics but I was cooked. Their dog has already adopted me & laid in bed while I read a book.

Today has been good. Got my house services turned off. Unpacked some stuff after work. Going to my other rec league tonight. So excited everything is so close now! I think it’s starting to come together. I’ll get unpacked more & settled in. I am spending the next 2 nights busting ass at the house getting rid of final things & ready for garbage day Thursday. I’m just hoping there are some renters coming along soon!


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