The end is in sight

The move is complete. My house is almost empty! Today after work a coworker came for items & then helped me curb everything for the pickers. Of course its going to rain now, but pickers were already going thru it. Tomorrow meeting more people after work for the last of the furniture and then whatever is left gets curbed. The end!

I haven’t heard anything from the property management about renters. I hope this gets rented soon. I really love the new place I’m in and I don’t want to get overwhelmed with paying double bills.

Speaking of the new digs are going well. It’s nice living with people and not being alone. Last night after my rec game I hung out, watched the hockey game & didn’t have to leave early. It was great! I had a really good time.

Which was interesting cause POS came. A team needed a sub player so he played. It was actually pretty good. We were all just laughing and talking in a big group. His older daughter was there & we talked quite a bit too. Him & I walked out together, he looked at my new car & we actually made plans for dinner Thursday. He then gave me a hug. I find that interesting cause Friday night he also gave me a hug & he’s who initiated it. Maybe he just needs to go real slow? I have no idea, I’m not over thinking it (too tired busy for that) & I’m just seeing what happens.


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