Trying not to overthink

I know I said I wouldn’t overthink things & just let it happen but I can’t help it. Guess that’s why I am here journaling. Lol

I heard from my property manager today. She said lots of interest & calls on the house but no taker yet. Our price is a little higher since its a lot of home & I’m not allowing pets so that’s weeding people out. She feels confident we’ll have a renter soon. I know price wise I’m right on base compared with others in the area. I just want the house to pay for itself so I’m not even trying to get a crazy high price. But people are also so unrealistic about housing costs here…they want to pay 1/2 of what I’m asking so good luck with that. Plus I don’t want that kind of renter anyways. I figure in a few weeks we can adjust the price if necessary.

I’m also feeling a little anxious about dinner tomorrow night with POS. Maybe anxious isn’t the right word? A little nervous? Unsure? I guess I’m just not sure what to expect and that’s when I start to feel like this. I have learned though I will listen more and not just talk to fill space. I mean it’s not a date. But what is it? 2 friends having dinner I guess? I wish in a way it was more but I believe in this situation I need to be patient and take a backseat if there’s a chance of things working out between us. He had talked about taking things slow when we had gotten back together so maybe this slow is what he needs? I’m not going to discuss us or relationship stuff though. I want it to be a fun light easy night!


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