Can’t sleep

I crashed early & was sleeping great til 4am. Then I wake and of course despite not wanting to my thoughts drift to POS. And now I feel nauseous and can’t sleep. I had been doing so well…almost a week of not waking up sick and it’s starting again. Argh….

Am I just being impatient? I know it’s something I’m working on. Does he really need more time or I just a fool? I think that is what scares me. I will end up looking like an idiot. He actually messaged me more how he was sorry he had plans and another time. I said to let me know. We’ll see if he does.

Then I texted another guy friend to let him know I moved and we’re going to try catching up this weekend. Perhaps if I get out there again even with friends either I’ll move on or POS will maybe get his ass in gear to figure out what he wants.

Of course right now my tv isn’t working. It’s been weird since they hooked it up and I admit I leave it on a lot. I like it when I sleep. My room is so quiet and dark now so that’s not helping either.


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