Taking back control

So after a jumble of feelings I am taking control back!

Turns out POS joined my Monday night league with his daughter as his partner. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that cause Monday nights had been my thing ever since he left back in February. But tonight when we were all done playing he came & sat down with my partner and me at a table to talk and hang.  His daughter also approached me before playing to talk & again hung with us after. In a way it makes me sad cause I wish we could have had this relationship before. I’m afraid to get too close with her cause I don’t want to get attached you know? I like her so that sucks. I let her dictate the relationship and she keeps coming up to me so I’ll keep talking to her.

I talked to my roommate tonight before going out. Can I say I like living with people again & especially another girl? She had pointed out the other day that POS must still want something between us or he would never be going to dinner or doing group activities or talking. I thought about that some & another guy confirmed she was right.

I did end up inviting him & his daughter to my birthday dinner. I figured it would be rude not to. We’ll see if they come (he said he was going to) but either way a good group is coming so it should be fun!


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