Almost another year gone

Tomorrow is my birthday. I’m still only flirting with 40. I don’t feel old or weird or anything about aging. I have a group getting together for dinner so that should be fun. I am setting the expectation level at 0 tomorrow for everything so I don’t feel disappointed or upset. Last year (thanks to POS cause we had just started dating) was one of the first birthdays in a long time I didn’t cry. So pretty much as long as I keep a low expectation level & don’t cry I will consider my birthday a success.

Now to get a good night’s rest. Actually last night I slept pretty peaceful so I must of felt better about the situation with POS. Of course that’s an emotional roller coaster so who knows how it will be another night? I just try to sleep & eat when I feel like it. Also went for a 5 mile bike ride exploring the neighborhood after work so that should help me sleep too!


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