Hello Apple kool aid

I have been needing a new phone. I had a Samsung which was dying. I wasn’t sure though what to replace it with. Many people I know have iPhones so on a whim I looked. Basically I don’t want a giant computer to tote around and the SE fit the bill! So Friday after work off to the phone store I go all excited. What a giant pain! They ran out & orders won’t arrive til July. Seriously wtf. So I end up on the phone with Apple stores but they can’t hold an item. Here I am on my dying Samsung trying to order Apple and the internet in the store isn’t working but hurry before that phone gets taken. 

So in a panic I drive down the street to POS’s house so I can sit in his driveway but hook onto his wifi. I’m trying with little success to do this in my car and calling Apple and boiling hot (oh it’s 90* out) when he comes home. I explain and apologize which he didn’t care and invited me inside. He then actually let me use his iPhone to get it done.

We sat and talked some. Turns out he was at the bar Thursday night with his daughter which neither of us knew the other would be there (I did ask him if his daughter was trying to do something?). It was awkward and I only stayed a bit before leaving. Plus it was a weird age group…21 or like 50s with no inbetween. So we talked about that. And some more about what is happening with us. I pointed out some things I didn’t understand. I said I guess I’m waiting for him to have some epiphany and realize I’m a great person that he wants to be with but hopefully it won’t be too late. He did say then something like it was probably coming. I said so do you just need more time? I’ll give him another 2 weeks and see I guess. I pointed out we are sort of dating if you think about it. 

I went to dinner then Friday night with a guy friend. He’s a good person & I need more people like that in my life. It was good to reconnect and we had a nice conversation. 


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