Just beachy

That sums up my weekend so far.

Saturday was errands and running around all day. I actually did a little clothes shopping also since I know most of my stuff is too big now. I’ve been wearing 12 pants… I fit into a 6. I never recall being single digits let alone that. I know the weight loss hasn’t been the most healthy. I’m still feeling sick many mornings and not eating much. People say I look good so I’m trusting that I’m just not used to being this size. It also seems every time I have an encounter with POS it’s a 5 pound weight loss. 

Sunday was a good day! I went to church which I haven’t been in awhile. It is the church POS took me to but I liked it so I’m going to attend. He wasn’t there anyway. I got home from church though to find drama among the roommate couple. Apparently he didn’t come home & slept with another girl. Wtf. Obviously she was pissed and getting his stuff all together. I was just trying to get out as fast as possible to my beach party and avoid the drama! The beach party was awesome. POS and a few of that crowd didn’t show up so honestly it was even better for me. I had fun with friends and just enjoyed the day.

Today I’m going  to another beach party and hang out with another crowd. I invited my guy friend from the other night. I’m not trying to make POS jealous but I need to keep living my life. A few mutual guy friends have told me to do that and rattle his cage a little. He’s not even thinking that other guys being interested in me is a possibility and they said if he sees that he’ll get thinking. My week this week is filling up too which is great. I found a walking group and another night is happy hour with the girls. I definitely need to step back & let POS contact me even though it will be hard. What’s nice is we won’t see each other for another week at our rec games due to scheduling.  


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