Staying busy

Its actually easier than I thought. Since today is already Tuesday (yay) and after work today I’m going to meet with a walking group. I have no idea what to expect but it’s exercise and will give me steps for my Fitbit. We are walking one of the bridges so that should be fun! And maybe I’ll meet some new people?

The weekend was good. Day 2 of beaching was fun. It’s nice to have friends who are low key & like to just go do things.

Not sure what’s happening at the house with the roommate couple. He was there Sunday night and yesterday so I’m guessing he must of come home with a good story. It’s not my drama and as long as it doesn’t affect me I don’t care. My policy is you are my friend & if you’re happy I’m happy for you. If you’re not happy then I am here for you. I will be curious what she has to say though. Honestly it’s nice my drama seems to be getting smaller and under control.


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