Hello weekend!

So I did send a little congrats enjoy it message yesterday to POS. He responded back with a thanks. And now I’m back to my not contacting him. We will see each other Monday night at our rec sport. Actually we even play against each other. I already told my partner I want to annihilate them. Lol

Kickball last night rocked!! I played well, had lots of fun. It was very enjoyable! There is only another week or 2 left for the season and our team is taking the summer session off. I’ll definitely miss it, but it’s getting a little toasty already, it would be nice to have Friday nights free for the summer & I do have some nerve damage in my right foot that needs time to heal (oh yeah the dr visits this week have been fun).

There is a possible tropic storm forming and heading this direction so rain later this afternoon. I hope it’s not too bad cause I have plans with friends to go out tonight and see what night life is on the key. I know I’ve been going out a lot but sitting at home with my thoughts isn’t what I need!

My roommate’s boyfriend that was living here when I came hasn’t been here in 2 nights. It’s a little crazy for me. She is smoking weed now cause she’s upset. That’s not my scene and something I don’t do so I don’t get it but it’s not forced on me so I don’t care.

Well I’m off to do some shopping errands and kill a little time. Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


3 thoughts on “Hello weekend!”

  1. Ah don’t worry about that possible tropical system quite yet. That won’t impact Florida until Monday. Watch for typical afternoon thunderstorms until then. I know a little bit about this….Hey enjoy your weekend!


      1. I laugh at some of those jokers too hyping things up and freaking out but in a way they keep me having a job šŸ™‚ But yeah don’t let the rain ruin your plans, its not going to be different than a normal June day haha.


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