I am weak

So Saturday night after going on a pub crawl with friends I sent POS a text. I really do blame this new phone! He was heading to the bars where I had been so I continued home. But I woke up a bit later to see he had texted the front door was unlocked so I went over. I know. Weak. Not sure what I’m thinking. I guess I just wanted some booty.

The crazy thing is I was thinking of going home when we were done (which it was great) but he got all cuddly. Uhhh? He’s kissing the top of my head and holding my arm so I’m like hmmm. So I stayed til my alarm went off and then I left.

I think by us hooking up its a process for me. I am approaching this like a guy which is sort of how I used to be. If you have your “sure thing” on the side there is no hurry to hook up with any potential guys. It removes any hint of desperation I suppose that might be there? It gives an added confidence of who cares cause I got other options. I can clearly see them and get to know them without all the crazy do I want to sleep with him or not feelings of not having had any. I have another  outing planned this week with the French guy. He texted me today. Another still wants to meet for drinks. Maybe next weekend?


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