Got some man-pinions

Met with my “big brother” last night for beers and conversation. The good part is he says things like it is, doesn’t judge and I know is looking out for me. He also knows POS as well. 

So I started with the cuddling afterwards stuff. What was that & why? His guess is POS might be looking to fulfill whatever little need he may have. A little cuddle time fills his void?

Next up…in hook ups don’t guys just hit it & quit it? I mean just bang it out & be done. Not to overshare but POS makes sure I come as well so that confuses me. Personally I’m just there for me when it’s a hook up…if I come then it’s all good and you have 30 seconds to finish or sorry pal. Big brother said that’s what young guys will do but POS is older (he is 48) and wants to keep me around. He doesn’t have a line of girls waiting.  Interesting when you think from that perspective.

Big brother told me to take care of myself as in POS is having his cake and eating it right now. He goes out with friends and knows I’ll be there or contact him (which isn’t bad as long as it’s my terms). True enough. He said if I want to leave afterwards then leave. No reason needed. In my head I have also set limits as to what kind of sex I’ll have. Sorry but it’s going to be basic. You want “girlfriend” sex or things we used to do…then step up. There are things I’d do with a BF that I won’t do with a hook up cause of the comfort level and trust.

Overall it was a good talk and definitely interesting to hear another view. And then we laughed and talked about a bunch of other things! I was glad to have gotten out. Again…if I hadn’t moved I would have been sitting home alone. 

Today if the weather cooperates I am going to meet the walking group. I invited the French guy so we’ll see if he shows. 


5 thoughts on “Got some man-pinions”

  1. I never feel right about hittin it and quittin it. I have always made it a point to always make my women cum hard. There’s some controlling issues there I suppose haha.


      1. With anyone. Doesn’t matter. I get a lot out of how I please a woman. If I can’t make it happen I feel like I failed. Their pleasure fuels mine.


      2. Very welcome. I mean that’s just me I can be so unlike anyone else in how I approach things like that haha. But yeah, likely could be some sort of self fulfillment.


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