Crazy week

The good news is the rain has stopped & it’s been a crazy busy week for me!

Yesterday evening I finally met with that walking group. They were really fun & I had a good time! It was easy social time while walking (holy cow they hoof it!) but I am glad I went. I am looking forward to joining them again. Exercise, social & they go for drinks after…yay! šŸŗ

I had sent French guy a text about the walking event but never heard back & he didn’t show.

I have physical therapy tomorrow for my foot. The walking didn’t bother it and my friend up north who’s a PT gave me some exercises and things in the mean time. The nerve will hopefully heal itself sooner now with me doing some strengthening to it but I’m still going to give it another 2 months. Sexy sneakers are my look for now. 

Friends from up north are visiting and we are meeting for dinner tonight. I know they have a ton of questions as my life has changed a lot in the past few months.

I heard from my property manager…last week a rental application was submitted!!! It’s still going thru the process but so far no crazy red flags have popped up. Fingers crossed this all works out cause I would love love LOVE to get that house rented and get some $$$ going. 

Looking forward to girls night again tomorrow. I am hoping it becomes a weekly thing even if it’s just a few of us. It’s nice to giggle and catch up.

It’s looking like I am minus a roommate at the new place. I think she finally got tired of his shit cause some guy came the other night to pick up the vehicle he had been working on in the garage. I haven’t seen him since Sunday when he stopped in. I don’t know how long it will last cause I have a feeling it’s a cycle that’s happened before.

And my new Fitbit came! The other one the outer skin was peeling off despite me being very careful with it. They sent a replacement free of charge! I hope it doesn’t do the same thing though. 

Wow…I really did have a lot to share although I know none of it was very juicy or exciting. Who knows what will happen next? šŸ˜


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