Week wind down

Who would have thought I’d be happy to have no plans on a Friday night?? And by that I mean there is still kickball if it’s not rained out, but I’ve had activities every night this week. I am wiped. I want to sleep a little. Unfortunately I’m working my side job this weekend so no time off til next weekend. 

Let’s see…therapy was fun. Got some exercises. I have to say it has been feeling good this week so I keep trying to do more and so far nothing bad. 

Yesterday my property manager called. The potential renters who were going to move in the 15th changed their mind. It’s aggravating for the fact they wasted a week of taking it off the market, wasted our time, etc… So I’m advertising it online in addition to whatever the manager is doing. She had gotten some calls while we were waiting on the renters so hopefully any of those people will bite. Today is 1 month since I signed with her and honestly I’m a tad disappointed it’s not rented yet let alone the lack of traffic it’s had. I am wondering if we need to lower the price? It’s less extra income for me but if it gets it rented and the bills are covered I can deal with that for a year. 

Last night was girls night but we did a dinner instead. Which was a lot of fun. The alcohol helped I’m sure. The girl I referred to as shitty friend has resurfaced and been contacting me. I’m not super gung ho though as I’ve made other friends and other activities. Apparently she’s tired of shitty friends cause she was there last night and wants to make more plans with us girls. She runs with POS though and I know I’ll never be included when they do things so it’s like a 2 way street. I made sure to let it be heard there’s been other guys and going out. Will it get back to him? Idk. Do I care? Not really.

My roommate told me yesterday she’s officially done with that guy. I was like sorry it sucks for you but I think you can do better than that. I guess she let him sleep on the couch the other night cause he’s homeless. I’m sorry maybe I’m a heartless bitch but go to your parents, friends or whatever side chick if you need to couch crash. Oh you don’t have any? Well doesn’t that say something. Again I said she can and will do better. 


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